What started out as an experiment, ends-up being much nicer than expected. I’ve always been interested in the nice looking fractal curves. Some of them are nice on screen (think about Mandelbrot, Julia, …) but it’s not so easy to make a “real” life version of them.

Well I did stumble across the Hilbert curve a long time ago, but somehow missed the Moore curve. This one has a few nice propoerties that are interesting to turn it into a physical object.

For one it is rather simple, so it can be traced by a CNC without too many issues. It does not contain holes that would allow pieces of material to fly during the cutting process. Finally the end of the curve is right next to the start… so it is very easy to “close” it.

So I decided to cut the curve in plywood to make a placemat. I even gave it a name…

I Want Moore